Gold Wing Trunk Support System
The only support the factory provides for the trunk lid is the lid gasket and when
vibration or additional weight is applied to the lid, excessive damage can occur to the
painted surfaces of the trunk components.  This support system will provide support
for the trunk lid and maintain the necessary clearance around the outer edges of the
trunk lid and the top rim of the trunk, which will greatly reduce or completely stop the
wear that typically occurs around the trunk, trunk lid, and tail light assemblies. The
powder coated support brackets are neatly tucked away along the inside of the trunk
and don't impact storage space. With the brackets installed, two helmets will still
easily fit in the trunk.

Patent Pending                                                                                                      
WingRider Products
Trunk Support System
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$59.95 + S&H  (8.25%Tax for TX Res)