About WingRider Products
I'm an avid motorcyclist and Gold Wing owner that has come up with an idea that I think, and our customers think,
is the best solution for a problem that has plagued GL1800 owners since 2001. I have developed and fabricated a
trunk support system which does a great job of supporting the Gold Wing 1800 trunk lid better than anything else

We appreciate your patience with our inability to accept credit card payments directly on-line or by phone.
Although our process isn't as high tech as some operations, we generally have US orders delivered within 2 to 3
days after confirmation of payment. We have a limited number of products, but we're very focused on customer

To place an order, please click the "Contact Us" tab or send us an e-mail at
requesting a quote for the items you're interested in purchasing. We will provide you a complete quote, including
S&H charges and any applicable taxes. Once you receive your quote, send us a check, money order, cashier's
check, or let us know if you would like to use Pay Pal and we will forward you a Pay Pal invoice. Personal checks
will generally require one business day to clear.

Thank you,
Phil Chastain
WingRider Products LLC                                                                                                                                             
Austin, Texas
WingRider Products