Customer Testimonials
Hello Phil and Janice,
I can't thank you enough for inventing the trunk lid support.
I live in Round Rock Tx. and contacted you about your Trunk support. You suggested I ride to your location and have Phil install the
support. It works great! I have no more rubbing even now that I have a rack installed. The adjustments Phil showed me are a great
help to keep the Trunk Lid adjusted and aligned. I often load my Rack with 10/15 lbs of gear with no problems.
This is the best valued accessory I have on my Wing.
The Yellow Bird and I thank you again.
John C.
P.S. For reference I have had the support installed for about 2 years.
Just a quick reply to let you know I had this system in my last 08 Goldwing and they look about like a factory installed item.  My dealer
was impressed enough that they wanted to get some to have on hand for other customers.  I liked this product well enough that when
I went from the 1st Wing to a HD now back to a left over new 08 Wing I knew I was going to use the same trunk support system.
Evan S.
Janice & Phil - The trunk support arrived in perfect shape this week, thanks.  It looks like a quality item - as it's the dead of winter here
in Nova Scotia, I won't have a chance to install it until we start having warmer spring temperatures, but I will give you some feed-back
once I've used it awhile, which may mean June after I'm back from Americade.  I trust the new Wing is being broken-in!    Chuck E.
“Phil,  just wanted to send you a note regarding your product.  Very nice!  They installed easily and now I can confidently mount a rack
and load up a bag on the trunk and not worry about it causing it to chaff, rub or rattle.   It’s nice to see products like this on the market
to make our Gold Wings even better than they already are.  Quality product and worth the $$. Awesome Customer Service as well I
needed a couple extra screws as I had lost one and Phil was generous enough to get some immediately in the mail. Received them
a couple of days later and I replaced my OEM screws with these larger ones and everything is all hunky dory now.  ”  David W.
Some feedback for you.  I received my package Thursday (that was fast, from the ship date) promptly opened it and was more than
impressed.  The brackets are solid, well formed and fit perfect.  The directions are well laid out and easy to follow and install takes a
whole 5-10 minutes.  I'm sure you've heard it before, this should be on all Goldwings, even if you don't have a luggage rack.  Thanks
for a great product.  I'll definitely show it off to other wing riders and send them your way.  Robert L

I received the trunk support & immediately installed it on my wing. Very nice fit & function. Honda could not have done better. Thank
you for a product that works well. I wish I could have installed it three years ago
Thanks again, Larry C.
Phil & Janice,
Received the trunks support system in good time and have completed installation. I’m please to find it of good quality and likely the
best possible design for its intended function.  Nicely done !  
Installation was simple enough, yet required just enough attention to detail in order that I found it to be a worthwhile way to get up
close and personal with my bike (for those days when it’s still too cold to ride). As for function, it seems to do the job perfectly, and
fills a big void in a niche market. I’ll be sure to show this off and recommend your product when asked.
Now that my flowery comments are finished, may I suggest one thing?  While I knew I had a need for this product, and hadn’t yet
figured out how to resolve the issue of trunk wear and gasket compression, I could not find a product suitable to the task. I only
stumbled upon your product by accident while browsing the web for accessory lighting. In other words, it wasn’t out there grabbing
me by the nose and screaming “here I am Jim”. I have to believe that were you to arrange to sell these through one of the well known
wing accessory retailers, they would , as they say, ”sell like hotcakes”.
In any case, once again, well done, it’s been a pleasure to do business with you and congratulations on a great design.
Shiny Side Up!   Jim S.
Hi Phil,
I just wanted to contact you about the trunk support. It exceeded my expectations. Everything that came with it fitted perfectly. I just
want to thank you for a wonderful product. After reading the instructions, it was a breeze to install. I will be sure to recommend your
products to my fellow wing riders.
Thank You,
Frank D.
Hi there Phil and Janice.
I can only concur with the positive comments about your trunk support system. Top quality build and finish. It’s great. Install was a
breeze with good directions. Super fast dispatch and delivery to me here in New Zealand. No fuss at all.
Ian M. New Zealand